Dec 21, 2015

Midnight Calling 2: Jeronimo PC Game (FINAL) 258.98 MB

Midnight Calling 2: Jeronimo PC Game (FINAL) 258.98 MB. Save your dying younger sister in Midnight Calling 2: Jeronimo PC Game from Elephant Games!

In this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game you will take a role of Jeronimo, infamous thief known in Rocksville as Jeronimo the Safecracker. He grew tired of being a criminal and bought an inn. Jeronimo became a descent innkeeper. But one day his younger sister Ellie got sick. She’s fading and the only thing that can save her is a mixture of mandrake extract and merlin elixir. Both ingredients are rare and may be found only at the forest witch. But she hates people! So to save his sis Jeronimo will have to return to his old business for one last time! With the help of his old friend Harry and trained familiar Feathered Jeronimo will have to trick the witch and her sidekick Archibald. But no one before returned from the house of forest witch alive…
  • Remarkable wallpapers and concept arts.
  • Incredible bonus chapter with new adventure!
  • Gather all the achievements!


Midnight Calling 2: Jeronimo will force your brain to work, and this Hidden Object/Puzzle brainwork will be unmatched and very entertaining. Midnight Calling 2 has a fat lot breathtaking parts of the game interaction.

Title Post: Midnight Calling 2: Jeronimo PC Game (FINAL) 258.98 MB
Rating: 97% based on 14, ratings 4.85 user reviews.
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