Feb 1, 2014

Download Shiver 4: The Lily's Requiem (FINAL) 261.76 MB

Shiver 4: The Lily's Requiem (FINAL) 261.76 MB. Find a way to defeat evil siren, to protect Beatrice from her in Shiver 4: The Lily's Requiem PC Game! Siren is kidnapping red-haired girls in the rural town, and when your protagonist, new local doctor, found pretty red-haired Beatrice, lying unconscious in front of his house, doctor saved her. But he doesn’t know why siren hates ginger girls so much, that it will follow him to the local hospital! Find a way to close the door to save yourself from the monster, administer the adrenaline, win Battleship game against the Old Salt, repair the car to get to Rivendale and become Doctor Mechanic! Will you be able to save Beatrice from her fierce in this mystical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure? This is a special Collector's Edition release full of exclusive extras you won’t find in the standard version. The Collector’s Edition includes: Bonus Gameplay and Integrated Strategy Guide.



Title Post: Shiver 4: The Lily's Requiem (FINAL) 261.76 MB
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